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the VNL network

Become part of a growing network of industry, trade, service and science and help actively to form the development of logistics!

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VNL in Austria is the meeting point for experts from industry and trade companies which are operating in the areas of

  • procurement
  • planning
  • production
  • distribution (warehouse, transport)
  • supply chain management (SCM)

and represantatives of the logistic sectors as

  • logistics technology, material handling
  • Integrated logistics service providers
  • transport and warehousing, providers for infrastructure
  • IT-providers
  • education and research facilities

Element of success - Logistics

It's a fact that the importancy of logistics and its developement for companies isn´t well communicated in the public.

All companies prosecuting logistics but just a few using and optimizing it deliberately! The aim of the Association for Network Logistics is to sensitize companies to this essential factor and to develope it in a professional way. As a platform for logistic-demands and communication between logistic-consumers and -suppliers we are keen to organize events with attractive topics in an appealing environment.

The presentation of innovative logistic-solutions and communication between specialists and participants was, is and will be always life and soul of our events!


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